ROC Home provides safe, nurturing and caring homes for children and young people who present challenging and complex behaviours. We work with partners to encourage young people to achieve the best outcomes possible so they can go on to lead positive adult lives.

What we do

We provide therapeutic-based support in an expanding number of small homes for children and young people who have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Our skilled and well-led teams provide stability, security and a warm, safe caring environment in which children and young people aged between 8 and 17 can thrive.

We work in a multi-agency setting to help children and young people achieve the five outcomes of Every Child Matters.

We strive for continuous improvement and put the child at the very centre of each home with an emphasis on listening, working together to find solutions and celebrating achievements.

Equipping young people for independence is a priority at ROC Home and we make the process as fun and as enjoyable as possible!

The range of services we offer as ROC Group means that we can offer move-on accommodation. An example is that one young woman with autism was due to leave our Hunthorn children’s home as she was due to turn 18. She was anxious about her future and we worked with the local authority to offer her a ROC Solid flat which is only steps away from our award winning supported housing charity’s ROC office. It occupies the top floor of an adjoining house – she calls it her apartment – and she chose the décor etc.

She receives a support package from ROC Family Support and has access to ROC Solid support 24/7. Importantly, she still has contact with the staff at Hunthorn.


“I like it at the home and I get on well with the staff.”

Young person

“I used to just live in houses but this feels like my home.”

Young Person

“The home is led in a robust manner by a confident manager who sets high standards for her team, the home and the young person. She demonstrates a proactive approach, and clearly values the development of the team by delegating effectively.”

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