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How we work

Our aim is to create a sense of belonging for however long each child or young person is with us. This starts with a colour chart – choosing a bedroom colour is part of the moving in process.

If it’s a dual placement, then good matching and introductions are vital for each child or young person.

To help children and young people gain confidence, develop mental and emotional resilience, thrive and develop we:

  • listen and consult
  • provide structure and consistently apply boundaries
  • encourage decision making eg planning activities or house rules
  • help develop an understanding of the meaning, significance and consequences of behaviour, thus promoting positive change
  • recognise and reward good behaviour
  • use our positive relationships with young people to deal with issues in a restorative way
  • promote contact with birth families and significant others
  • ensure the cultural and diversity needs are met
  • encourage involvement in social and leisure activities and the positive use out of free time
  • support young people to transition to leaving care via skills training
  • promote good communication and effective working relationships with staff, young people, local authority, police and a range of other professionals
  • encourage strong links with the local community and the building good relationships
  • have health champions who support young people to take care of their health eg shopping for healthy foods, cooking together, accessing sports, gyms etc
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